Monday, April 30, 2012

dying a little


I'll do whatever it is that I'm expected to do but you can't expect me to sell my heart. Never expect that.

Fuck me. Taking GMAT is ruining my life. The past 3 months have been seriously shit-tastic, like putting my nuts in a mortar and pestle and letting a Mexican line cook go at it. Guacamole-d. The old bushido Japanese had this very Zen way of looking at the world, of essentially clearing your mind of any and all distractions. No mind, or something close to that. I think I'm taking that concept a bit too literally. My mind is literally (along with being full of fuck) empty everytime I look at a goddamn practice exam. For the masochists that enjoy being pistol-whipped by critical thinking questions, these computer adaptive tests are for you.

About 3 more weeks to go. And then, good or bad results notwithstanding, I'm going to go apeshit because months and months of tension and stress have to be relieved somehow. Spring is here, and things have to get better, because otherwise, what the fuck am I doing all this for??!!


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  1. that is hilarious!

    I just got back from south east asia.. happy belated birthday!