Wednesday, April 25, 2012

like a thunderbolt from heaven

2009 Paul Anheuser Riesling Kabinett

2009 Paul Anheuser Riesling Kabinett | QmP Schlossböckelheimer Königsfels | Nahe


2008 Vollenweider Riesling Kabinett | QmP Wolfer Goldgrube | Mosel

I'm a simple-to-please kind of guy. All I ever want is to drink wines that don't compromise, that are soulful, and that don't give a shit what other people think. It's something that doesn't have to do with price or region, or even varietal for that matter. Great wines come from a place of humility, we have to remember. Riesling is something I can go on for a long time, and be very boring about; quite simply, it's a treasure of the wine world. And chances are, if you don't like drinking riesling, I don't much care for you as a human being. Two examples here of why this sublime grape instills such fire. The Nahe, a bit lacking in concentration for this vintage, but otherwise textbook. And the Vollenweider, with depth and complexity, even at barely 4 years of age.

Why can't people who write about wine (professionally) take a harder stance on wines that they really like. No, sometimes, it's not about what tastes good to you. That doesn't work if a person doesn't have a palate.So as the professional, it's up to you to educate people, instead of this democratic, equal-opportunity bullshit. We'd all be much better off for it, because timid, p-c, pieces are no fun for anyone.


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