Sunday, April 8, 2012




Oooof, yeah, a lot of jibberish last night. A fairly severe hungover, but that's how we gauge party success. Two of the kids last night are in their last year of high school, and (anxiously) waiting for university acceptance letters. Everyone's all grown up. But I'll stay childish forever. What fun would it be if I tried acting all mature and shit?

There are no hangover cures, but lots of ice water and umezuke help. These pickled plums my mother brought back from Japan, that they eat with rice porridge. Incredibly fragrant yet acidic, salty and sour. Big, almost shocking flavours on the palate. Certainly wakes you up.

I love to party, but really, I'm a little out of practice. Strong will, weak stamina. Three straight nights of (fairly heavy) drinking, and I'm already looking forward to work tomorrow.


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