Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the first wine I bought a case of

M. Lapierre

M. Lapierre

I've bought a fair bit of wine in the 8 years or so that I've been serious about it - of course, in the context of a non-professional with a very, very, very minimal budget. I'm a professional wino, but no one's giving me any bottles. No dusty old bottles from my parents, none of that, but it's been a source of pride that I've built my (tiny) cellar methodically and on my own. I usually buy bottles to put away in threes - at most, the odd 6-pack. But never a full case (12 bottles). Until now.

Lapierre Morgon is one of those wines that only appeal to true winos. And not in a snobby, hipster-ish, let's keep it a secret kind of way. It's one of those truly singular wines that actually stand for something. It's not from a heralded region (one of the Beaujolais villages), nor a varietal (gamay). It's made using non-interventionist, biodynamic techniques that most producers take pains to avoid, because it can all go so wrong. Yet Mr. Lapierre (and now his son) was able to craft a wine that was true to principle. And we all need some of that. If wine can ever be inspiring, this is it.

I had read about it long before, but my first taste of this wine was last year, in a little bistro in a suburb of Paris. It was stunning. And so, the day before I had to take the GMAT, I just about fell off my seat when I got the email that a tiny allotment of the 2010's were being released - the same vintage.

And I brought home my first case of wine.


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