Wednesday, May 16, 2012

seven days left!


Almost there, almost there . . . thank God I'm almost there. Seven days until I take the GMAT, seven days until we see whether all this work was worth it.

Sorry I've disappeared from here these past few weeks. Had relatives over for a week in late April/early May. Then got sick with a cold, although I recovered quickly because I'm the shit. Had a nice evening with some close friends for my birthday (4/28), a final night of relaxing, where I was able to cook and drink a lot. These past few months have been an exercise in depriving myself of all pleasure or other distractions to focus on this one single thing. No wine, quick meals, no exercise, no nothing before the 23rd. All this pent up stress and frustration is seriously unhealthy and it's starting to affect my mood, man.

I've tried hard, I mean really worked for this exam. Whatever happens, I'll be satisfied with the result, because I sure as fuck will not be writing it again. Back to being fun again, goddammit . . . starting on the 24th, I swear I want to fucking drown in wine. I want to eat shellfish and beef and asparagus until I puke. I want to finally be able to go out with my friends again at night. It seems so long since I've drunk I think I'm starting to forget the taste of wine.

Right until I have to actually start thinking about applications, and schools I want to go to, versus schools I'm actually good enough for.


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