Thursday, May 3, 2012

we talk about new trends in wine

The Newest Trends in Wine

As with just about everything else in the world, the world of wine is rapidly changing. This is either a good thing or bad thing, depending on your own perspective. New wineries are opening, new grape varieties are becoming popular, the rules of what wines to pair with certain foods are increasingly being discarded. One the biggest influencing factors on the changes in the wine industry is something that you are experiencing right now – the Internet. The marketing and ability of consumers to learn about and purchase wines has expanded greatly with the rise of the Internet.

So are you interested in staying abreast of the newest trends in wine? Maybe you are interested in enhancing your personal experience of drinking wine. Perhaps you are a student at one of the online universities hoping to become a sommelier. Or maybe you desire to be the toast of your next wine party. For all of these reasons, you will find the following list of some of the newest trends in wine quite helpful.

  • Screw Cap Wines Originally wines using screw caps were associated with a lower quality product. Not so anymore. Producers in many countries such as the United States and France are increasing the use of screw caps as way to reduce cork taint. With advanced screw cap designs, bottles can be closed while preventing taint and oxidation.

  • Wine Made From Organic and Sustainably Grown Grapes As protection of the environment has increasing entered the collective consciousness of society, so it has grown in importance in the wine producing industry as well. New issues likely to come to the forefront in upcoming years are reducing water usage and reducing the materials that make up the bottle itself, not only from using plastic bottles, but by using lighter and less glass.

  • Low-Carb WinesWhile the low-carb diet movement may not be as prevalent as it was several years ago, there is still a great demand for low-carb wines. However, almost all dry table wines would meet the requirements for a low-carb wine.

  • Pro-Am ReviewingWith the rise of social media, anyone can give their input and critiques of wine. While in the past professional wine reviewers had enormous influence on the market, the amateur realm of social media increasingly has more sway.

For those wishing to pursue a career in the wine industry or existing professionals wanting to further develop their wine making skills and getting a leg up on the newest trends in wine, check out the online educational resources at Online Cooking Schools for more information.


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