Monday, June 11, 2012

happy drunk on chardonnay



2010 Sols & Sens Laudun Blanc | AC Côtes du Rhônes-Villages


2009 Domaine Raphael Sallet | AC Mâcon Uchizy


2009 Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay | Wolff Vineyard | Edna Valley

We drank some interesting things. All sorts of shellfish, so I wanted to pour some heavier, more substantial white wines. Chardonnay drunk, simple bottles but oh so righteous. Prep took about 2 hours, and of course, you can't do it without a few glasses to keep you company. That white Rhônes, lovely viscous texture and all kinds of tropical. Good amount of alcohol too, leaving me more than a bit happy when I started cooking.

Mâcon Uchizy is just always reliable as a source of simple, expressive white Burgundy. This one is a better example, showing lots of structure and great extract on the palate - all at under 13% abv. The perfect wine to drink with oysters and clams. And then we got to the real surprise of the evening: a Californian chardonnay with style, class, and absolute charm. The Mount Eden Vineyards chardonnay pours a deep gold, with that obvious Cali character. Lots of creamy oak, ripe fruit. But give it some time, some air, and suddenly it shows a lot of minerality and freshness. Great amounts of acid on the palate, but still has that rich texture. Alcohol a bit high, but altogether, a beautiful wine.

Three bottles in, and a few after dinner Tom Collins', I got bombed out of my mind. So hungover I barely got out of bed the next day. But at least I didn't have to pray to the porcelain gods. Just a little château-ed, but when it's on good chardonnay - absolutely worth it!


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