Sunday, June 10, 2012

happy drunk on seafood










Weather warming up fast, so the weekend following my successful completion of the GMAT was the perfect last chance to get in as much shellfish as possible. Out to Diana's Seafood in the afternoon, to see what was on ice. Kumamoto oysters from Washington state, clams from British Columbia, and the most amazing sea scallops. Picked up a jar of trout roe as well, brilliantly orange and deliciously fishy. West coast striped prawns from our local fishmonger at Sunny to finish it all off. There's just something so pure and true about seafood, especially when you want to do these long, multi-course dinners. You almost don't need any significant seasoning, cooking times are short, and the pleasure of freshness gives it almost another dimension outside of taste and texture.

We were celebrating a few things - being done my exam, yes, but more importantly, making up for Mother's day. My cousin sent an email that weekend, with photos of this Italian restaurant he took my aunt. Thanks a lot bro. It's never the same when it comes a few weeks late. But being drunk on seafood is the best kind of drunk. And we drank some nice things too . . .


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