Sunday, June 24, 2012

lazy, rainy Sunday




It was a lazy day today. Still exhausted from a friend's birthday party last night. At least I didn't funnel a beer - I did get to taste a big, big, 2005 Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon though. I woke up early today - we're speaking relatively here - at 11 am. A quick lunch, then out to the driving range. We haven't done that in years. And we struggled like it. But it's all good, because on a real course, we'll all eventually . . . eventually we'll all get to the hole. Beers at Joey's (Shops at Don Mills), where we caught the last bit of the England/Italy game (4-2 Italy on penalty kicks), and for some reason when I got home, I decided I still needed to go for my Sunday run.

The sky was getting darker, but whatever, I'm hardcore like that. And then halfway through, it really started pouring. Soaked, but it was fun, running through a summer rain. My father picked up a few cans of beer, a Danish and German blond lager-style beer. Session beers, if that. Fizzy, unremarkable, homogenized brews that prove that the Europeans can aim for mediocrity in beer as well as North Americans.

Back to work tomorrow!


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