Friday, June 29, 2012

out in the sun



2011 La Cadierenne Cuvée Grande Tradition Rosé | AC Bandol

What is better than icy cold rosé in the summer? I ask again, what is better than icy cold rosé in the summer??? So good even the squirrels wanted in on the action.

It feels so European doesn't it, to think of alcohol as a thirst-quencher. As a North American, if you're thirsty, you grab a water. Or some kind of pop - right, because you need to replace all that sweat with sugar and preservatives. It makes more sense to think of wine when we need to slake our manly thirst if we were talking about jug wine. Chugging a proper wine . . . almost seems blasphemous. But yet on a hot, humid afternoon, this Bandol rosé perfected that role as a simple, refreshing drink to repel the heat.

The long weekend's here! Some dinners planned, some wines planned. Honestly, the only thing I want to be doing for the next few days is cook, eat, drink, sleep off the drink, and do it all over again. Hey, I met a really cute girl at a party last week. Pretty sure she doesn't remember my name, ha ha.

These Bandol wines are just la bomba. Fresh, bone dry, really aromatic. High alcohol too, and at 14.5%, it's not going to be the outdoor heat that'll make you swoon. But most importantly, it's all about the colour. All shades of pink and red. It's love baby, all love.


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