Thursday, June 14, 2012

putting away a few more bottles



Early summer marks that special time of year when Bordeaux En Primeur orders start arriving, Toronto begins to start seeing 30° weather, and my closet begins to get crowded from a year's worth of new bottles to put away. So we need to make another trip to a dear family friend's, to whom I'm ever so grateful for providing me with a safe, perfect place to store my babies. This year's trip was going to be a bit special, because I had made up my mind that it was time to pull a number of bottles out and finally start drinking my cellar. Otherwise, it'd just be hoarding.

I opened the door and realized two horrifying truths: I buy far too much, and drink far too little.

It's collector's syndrome. You just end up buying and buying, always saying no, it's not ready to drink yet. My collection is tiny, but people always seem surprised when I say I fully intend to drink every last bottle. Just some patience required, is all. I'm not interested in making sure that the wine I age gets better - what you do want to make sure is that you give the appropriate amount of time for a wine to really settle into itself, and realize its potential. It's such a disappointment when a wine turns out flawed . . . sometimes it's a greater one when you know the wine has so much more to give.

But what am I saying - there are bottles and bottles of stuff in here that should be pulled and drunk. So that's what I did. Some Bandol, some Rioja, a bunch of Niagara rieslings. Mosel and Rheingau too, and a few bottles of Bordeaux. Time to start drinking. It's going to be a great summer!


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