Sunday, June 3, 2012

straight truth

Jim Beam Black

Jim Beam Black

But seriously, when it comes to spirits, I'm a cheap motherfucker.

Count on the Americans to not be able to manufacture a screwcap sturdy enough for more than 20 twists. It's all a conspiracy to make you drink more, I swear. I found an old bottle of Jim Beam Black Label that someone gave us, I forget. So I started drinking. And not even 1/3 of the way in, the screwcap breaks. It just keeps turning and turning now, never getting any tighter. How does that even happen?! I was stuck. I pretty much had to chug the rest of it and get alcohol poisoning, or let it all oxidize and go to hell. So I had to get creative. My friend (not so friendly anymore) once came to a dinner with a bottle of one of those tragic home-kit wines. The wine somehow went down the drain, but I ended up with a clear bottle. Good for something at least.

A bottle of bourbon is kinda my new thing. Whatever. Bourbon, any weird blended whisky, my love for Havana Club. Sometimes I just want to have a proper drink. It all starts with a touch of sweetness, then rounds out to something quite elegant. For late and lonely nights, because after all, we're not alcoholics.


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