Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yoku Moku biscuits with coffee

These guys really know how to take something quite ordinary, and tweak it until it becomes extraordinary. The Japanese really do go for perfection in everything they do - no hyperbole required.

I don't have great eating habits; specifically, I don't like to eat breakfast. It's probably because I only eat when I feel like it, but I do tend to eat lightly in the morning, gradually progressing during the day to a very heavy dinner. Terrible, I know. I'm perfectly happy with nothing more than strong coffee and fried eggs, or some kind of bread and olive oil in the morning.

But these biscuits are all kinds of awesome.

All butter and sugar; is that why they're so good!? Perfectly sweet without going overboard, and just an amazing crumbly texture in the mouth. Yoku Moku has this thing where they label everything in French. My favourite was the roll labeled 'cigare'. And yeah, I totally pretended I was smoking. If this was on the table, I'd have breakfast everyday. Yet another win for Japanese pastries.


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