Friday, July 20, 2012

a little fruity, lots of great


2011 Cabriz Rosé | DOC Dão


2011 Domaine des Carteresses Rosé | AC Tavel

Man, I just can't get enough of these pink wines. Portugal, coming through with an absolutely delicious wine at $11.95 (!!!). Rosés have this reputation of being the cheap floozies of the wine world, and in some cases, it deserves that rep. But damn, floozies can be SO MUCH FUN. No, in all seriousness - because these are serious wines - pink is the real deal.

In the heat and humidity of summer (my relatives don't believe me, but Toronto has scorching summers, continental climate people!!), with the charcoal going hard, sweat flying everywhere, I can't imagine a more pleasurable thing than downing an ice cold glass of rosé. But not just any rosé. See, these wines are so much more than tinted white wines. In the best cases, they have a fabulous purity of fruit (like the Cabriz), and a well-defined texture and structure (like the Carteresses). But where this Portuguese KO's the French bottle is in balance and alcohol. Because it's hot enough already; you don't need to be drinking a wine that'll knock you out before the yams are done.

That pretty much goes for all wine. Refreshing wines that actually pick you up instead of make you drop are what we all should be drinking more of. And besides, you want to be seducing girls with wine, not making everyone sloppy. Save that for the 3rd date.


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