Thursday, July 5, 2012

all messed in the head


I dreamt that I saved an alpaca from a burly, plaid-wearing hunter early this morning. A beautiful, tawny-coloured alpaca, with a furry patch on its head. I named it S├ębastien. And it snuggled with me when I called its name.

Needless to say, the day went downhill from there.

Now that it looks like we'll be going back to Shanghai for sure sometime in the next few months . . . shit, something else to budget for. The last time I was back home, in spring of 2010, we attended the Expo on its soft opening. None of the pavilions were really finished, but the highlight was the pretty hostesses in the China Pavilion. Amazing. Even the Tibetan was stunning. But really, the most memorable part of the day was the restaurant we went to after. Our server was a super cute girl. Jaw on the floor cute. Cute little fringe, cute little smile, cute little way of saying, maybe you shouldn't be drinking your Shaoxing wine cold. Cute.

And now I'm feeling all shitty. First my alpaca, then my angelic server. And so I try to think about happy times, about great meals, and great wines.


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