Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day in Niagara




A little last minute, but decided to go have dinner in Niagara yesterday. Maybe catch the Canada Day fireworks (didn't make it). What a great day, beautiful weather and all that. Spent the afternoon washing, detailing, and waxing the G-mobile until she was all decent and ready for the road - after all, we don't track city dirt into beautiful wine country. I left to pick up my dinner companion, setting off to Niagara at 5 pm. Leave late afternoon, you must trust me on this, to avoid traffic.

A 7:30 reservation at Treadwell. Fabulous food, and then we set off for the Falls. At least the lights were on. So many people, my goodness. Certain groups just setting blankets down on the grass, everywhere - it must be an ethnic thing. And then at 11, everyone suddenly gets up, and the traffic simply stops. We chilled a bit until 12:30 before setting off. Avoid the 420, trust me on this again. Back in Toronto just after 2 am. A great Canada Day!


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