Wednesday, July 4, 2012

that rite of passage


Even for boys, shoes are important. Getting that first pair of Nikes is a rite of passage, a way for respect on the playground. I'm serious. Growing up a poor immigrant in a bad (non-Chinese) part of Toronto, that was sort of the only currency to be considered cool. There was a kid whose parents were divorced, and who cleverly was able to guilt-trip one of those idiots into buying all the things a grade schooler would want. Shoes, Power Ranger action figures, all sorts of things that he'd bring to recess and make the rest of us raging with jealousy. It was torture.

We've managed to outgrow all that, but sometimes I feel the same way about wine, the bottles at the top end anyways. It's fun to drink quirky wines from obscure regions, but can you be considered a true wino without drinking truly world-class wines, the legends? We're talking about First Growth Bordeaux, top Grand Cru Burgundy, cult Napa cabernet; the Nike's, the Maserati's, the Louis Vuitton's. I'm inclined to say no, you don't need to drink these hideously expensive bottles to understand wine, but that's my 10 year old, non-Nike wearing self talking. Let's be honest - we all want a Quattroporte in the garage - I'd do filthy, unspeakable things to put DRC in the cellar.

So the real question is . . . who wants to sponsor my trophy wine education? Because no one ever got any attention babbling about how great Mosel and Niagara pinot are.


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