Thursday, August 16, 2012

another turn of the corkscrew


As a true wino, I proudly admit my love for the game of drink. Not to say that all winos are raging alcoholics - we're not - because after all, we're (most of us at least) responsible adults. I'm talking more about the social aspect of drinking, this idea that we get together with close friends and family to cook together and share a leisurely meal over the course of an evening.

I don't think I'm an overly-affectionate person; I'm probably more action-oriented, that sort of implied kind of affection? Anyways, I've always believed that cooking for people is one of the most caring things you can do, this act of nourishment you share with someone. That's why you never, ever should be forced to eat with someone you can't stand. Where am I going with this . . . right, so yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Julia Child's birth. Her book is brilliant and completely relevant today, 51 years later, but above all, it's her sheer passion and enthusiasm that still resonates. I'm watching Julie and Julia again, and totally youtubing some of the old shows she did with Jacques Pépin.

I've been stressed out of my mind with my business school applications. Maybe because I'm the complete opposite of what the sort of average MBA candidate is - we all know the type, the ones in banking and trading, the ones who call it b-school, the raging d-bags who can only look at things in terms of how much money can be made. Everything I don't want to be. Right, and this is going south again. Just stressed out with the essays, the recommendations, the little personal questions . . . just about everything. Shit, I just want all this to be over. And really, I have absolutely no confidence that I'm even going to make it in, to any of them!

Fuck me. Maybe I'll just run away to New Zealand.


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