Friday, August 17, 2012

catching up with a friend, and with a pair of Riojas


2004 Bodegas Lan Reserva | DOCa Rioja


2001 Bodegas Lan Reserva | DOCa Rioja

A dear friend was back in Toronto for a week, a short break from her Masters studies in Chicago. We haven't seen her in what seems like an age, and I really, really missed my buddy. So, a quick dinner, then back home, where a pair of mature Riojas waited for us.

I've got a thing for Lan. Or rather, had a thing for Lan. One of those simple, traditional Riojas; its subtleties can be lost among the drinkers who are looking for sizzle and flash. There's really nothing quite like mature Rioja, that moment in time when the oak and the beautiful strawberry fruit are in perfect matrimonial bliss. The 2004 Reserva drinking absolutely beautiful now, all lithe, delicate red fruits, supported by a slight roundness of creamy oak, soft palate; gets sweeter and sweeter, and although not chiselled, will drink well for many, many years. The 2001 Reserva, a little bit more rustic, a bit more reserved. Opens up to show some darker fruit, that vanilla oak, but needs a good 5 more years at least. A great look at how different the same wine can be simply by the vagaries of each vintage.

Our night seemed to fly by, and it seemed that suddenly, our friend was ready to fly back. Sucks. And I'm reminded that we need to cherish the time we have with friends, because my goodness, it's not so easy anymore to just call up and say, dinner at 6 this weekend, bring the dessert! Yes, we most certainly all need to grow up, but can't it all just come a little bit slower?

On Thursday, I went downtown to the Toronto Star building for a seminar on how to write your essays on your business school applications. It was held by mbaMission, the largest admissions consulting firm in the world. Great insights to help me with my own writing; because fuck me, I need help, desperately. Oh, and I got a haircut, and I asked my stylist to go real short on the sides. Mistake. Bad mistake. To give a plot summary . . . my mother went apeshit, half the family was told I look like a wannabe Chinatown thug, and well, it's all fixed now. Before/aftermath pictures are on my Instagram, if you want a laugh: follow me at d2fang.


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