Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the lean cut


We don't see good quality, sashimi-grade tuna sold in Toronto very often. One of those slabs of tuna that just screams out buy me and EAT ME!!! No, for the home cook, it's tough to get a taste of lean tuna at home, so when your fishmonger gets a shipment of the most amazing looking loin of tuna, you go for a big piece, quickly.

Dinner for two, and I wanted to start with some sashimi, sort of easing our way into a big meal, so I asked for a chunk near the head. It turned out to be more than a chunk - nearly 3 pounds of fish. They obviously don't clean it for you; the skin is fairly simple to remove, but it's all the connective tissue that's a bit trickier. I sectioned off the centre, where it's just beautiful, glistening tuna flesh. Deep pink, with the most amazing firm texture. You serve your guest(s) only the best, and as far as eating tuna at home, this is pretty much it. Looks beautiful, tastes beautiful, feels beautiful - that perfect trifecta of good food.

So the last time I was in Tokyo, we never had the chance to eat at a sushi restaurant. Definitely on my list of things to do next visit. It's all about taking that from the market thing to the extreme, and I LOVE IT. It's all about going to the market with no clue about what you're serving that night - so pretentious to say I'll get inspiration from what's available but really, it's simply all about buying the best, freshest, seasonal ingredients and making sure you don't mess it up.


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