Friday, September 28, 2012

late nights and chill


2009 Domaine Bernard Baudry | AC Chinon

Toronto's been seriously cooling down lately, so I've been trying to get outside and run while the temperature's still in double digits.  Shorts and all, but I do have to wear a long sleeve top.  Also, warm ups now seem more important than ever.  And suddenly we're in October.  Mid-Autumn Festival coming up this weekend, for all my Chinese comrades.  Family dinners and stuff - I think we're keeping it simple this year.  Thinking about opening a bottle of Lapierre Morgon.

Bernard Baudry makes some great Chinon, but I always think the mark of a good producer is how they handle their most humble wines.  This here is Baudry's entry level blend, the basic Chinon.  There are certain expectations with cabernet franc from this part of the Loire, and really, if the wines aren't vegetal, what's the point.  This is very ripe, with concentrated black fruits . . . minerally with that greenness peaking out.  Long and fresh.  A delicious wine, and perfect in the fall.

I've been living bottle to bottle recently.  In fact, I've been drinking less wine too.  Something about trying to put some money away so I won't starve when I go to school.  Or have to live under a bridge.  Having to really budget does have one advantage though . . . it really makes you choose purchases carefully.  In this case, I've been going back to what's familiar - the wines I know I'll enjoy.  And sometimes I forget that, amidst all the personal preferences are irrelevant when you're learning about wine, sometimes all you want is a good drink.


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