Tuesday, September 4, 2012

bro....you've got to start drinking man


2008 Charles Baker Picone Vineyard Riesling | VQA Vinemount Ridge

First day back to work, kids are back in school, and it just poured today, morning to night. I'm watching the Democratic National Convention right now, and wow, that tribute to Ted Kennedy was very well done. That last bit of him tearing Mitt Romney a new one in their 1994 debate was classic. Michelle Obama speaking tonight and President Clinton tomorrow!

We first tasted this wine way back in December 2009. Our first time meeting Charles Baker too. I've always been so impressed with this whole concept, of focusing one a single varietal and bottling specific vineyards not because it'll be an easy sell, but because the vineyard actually has something to say. Everytime I see him, he tells me I need to stop hoarding my wines and get to drinking. Niagara needs more visionaries like Charles with the talent and passion to really drive the industry forward from just making wine to making exciting wine.

And these are fucking exciting wines.

All the intensity, minerality, and dry extract you want in perfectly linear, tensile riesling. The best of the Mosel and the New World; pure finesse, but with incredible power and force behind them. Sort of James Bond-ish . . . dressed in a slick bespoke suit but he'll kill you and nail your girlfriend at the same time. The 2008 CB Riesling here still quite backwards at the moment, needing some time in the glass to uncoil. That lanolin cream minerality, those ripe citrus fruits . . . structured palate, perfect balance with just a touch of sweetness on a long finish. Just that rare touch of deftness and subtlety, but you can feel the tension behind it, waiting to spring.

Working on business school applications has been a serious exercise in self-reflection. And I'm a terrible self-reflector. Just terrible, because it doesn't help me to relive old successes OR failings. There is only the next thing on the checklist, the next thing to get worked up over. I've got, as a friend likes to say, a lot on my plate at the moment, but I was complaining when my life was boring so I sure as shit won't be bitching that something exciting is now happening. I'm no good at describing myself, what my 'identities' are. An idealist? A dreamer? Or maybe just a drunkard.


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