Monday, September 3, 2012

stuck in on a long weekend

Goddamn I'm tired. Brain tired. Because really, I've done jack shit all long weekend but worry about my applications, write my essays, and bitchandmoan about it all. All the while looking at the fabulous photos my friend's been sending over from his weekend spent eating his way around New York.

But it's cool. No rest for the hard working. Got to grill this weekend, drink a lot of beer, spend some time with my parents. Three weeks left before my first application deadline - can you guess to where?! Like in most things, your first time is always difficult, awkward, and sweaty. It gets easier . . . and more natural . . . after that. Maybe even pleasurable. Naw, what am I saying. My buddy and I were discussing a few weeks ago that in everything, the guy always loses. Always. So we suck it up, and hope that (most) of our decisions are the right ones, that we're not being too neurotic, not too insecure. What in the fuck am I still talking about????!!!


Saying hello to an old lover.


Lunch Friday with my mother at Fabbrica. Bread to die for, and a Kronenbourg Blanc . . .


. . . FRITTI (!!!!!!!!) . . .


. . . salad of grilled octopus . . .


. . . and bloody skirt steak!

Found you!

Starting the grilling with a Brooklyn Lager . . .


. . . a fat-bomb of an Angus short rib . . .


. . . while we sipped 100% pinot noir Crémant d'Alsace.

Brooklyn Lager

But who the fuck am I kidding. A weekend of work and not being with my girl sucks, and I require large amounts of roast duck and the greatest lager in America to get over it.


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