Wednesday, September 19, 2012

young and angry


2007 Gemma Barolo | DOCG

This one is a bit coarse, a bit angry. If fine single vineyard Barolo is a projection of nobility, then this is the brash 20 year old prince who's high off of their power and money. No sense of duty or purpose, but whatever, they were born right and therefore have the (divine) right to flip off the rest of the world.

Late last Friday, alone in the house, I opened a bottle of Barolo and drank in silence. It wasn't particularly refined, nor was it pleasurable, really. But we're not in this just for pleasure. The wine had life, had a pulse, had a personality. This is the basic cuvée, made from grapes from Serralunga d'Alba vineyards. A rough wine, needing time to unwind, but never really coming together. You get more character on the nose, that slight rose petal, the tarriness of nebbiolo, but one gets the sense (and the palate confirms this) that this will never be mistaken for a fine Barolo.

What can I say, my life is a bit of a shitstorm right now. Just getting tossed around and trying to hang on. Another late night for me last night, just writing and rewriting, and re-re-rewriting the same goddamn passage. And with no guarantee that my unqualified ass will even have a shot of getting into these schools . . . what am I doing again?! What can I say, even when I'm sober, I don't know which way's up sometimes.


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