Friday, October 19, 2012

Cameron's Sirius Wheat Ale


Cameron's Sirius Wheat Ale

Cameron's sent me a few samples of their new beer, just in time for Thanksgiving.  This beer is described as an interpretation of the American wheat ale style, brewed with Canadian malted wheat, and two row (?) malted barley on the press sheet.  It all comes together to make a very drinkable brew, that clean, round profile in the mouth.  A great beer to drink with dinner, nicely supporting the food.

Wednesday night's tasting was great, lots of fun.  Tasting notes will be up shortly, but overall impressions ... whites were interesting, no surprises with the reds.  Australian red wine seems determined to be in that style, that soft, cooked fruit, with lots of alcohol underneath.  But we weren't there to critically evaluate the wines - no, we were there for a good time.  My first time tasting with such a large group of friends, so I tried to run out first and focus on the white wines before regrouping.  A great way to spend a Wednesday evening.


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