Tuesday, October 23, 2012

change in temp


We've been getting lots of rain in Toronto lately, just that grey, cold, constant drizzle.  Temperatures have been ok, around the mid-teens, but they're predicting a colder than usual winter this year.  So what do we drink in this kind of weather?  Our wines need to get heavier, our beers need to get darker ... and in terms of local craft brews, few make a better stout than McAuslan St-Ambroise.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is one of the finest stouts I've ever tasted.  Aroma, texture, concentration, and finish - it has it all.  And really, with braised dishes, beef or pork, few things bring as much pleasure as a good stout.

I had a busy weekend.  Busy week in general, in fact.  Lots of fun stuff going on, but in between, I had to attend a funeral Saturday morning.  A member of my parent's church - a great man - died after a long illness, and no matter what was going on, I had to attend.  I had a rough time dealing with it, especially after talking to his widow.  They met in 1949, in Hong Kong, marrying in 1955.  That's more than 60 years together.  A lifetime.  She's a very strong lady, but the pain must be so deep, a true heartbreak.  A reminder that we all need to cherish who and what we have in our lives now, and really enjoy every moment, not just go through the motions.  I mean, we're all just hanging by a thread here, aren't we?


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