Monday, October 15, 2012

the Porsche shirt


I'm terribly prone to bouts of sentimentalism.  Which is why I end up wearing shirts for 10 years.

Slightly gross, but this shirt means a lot to me.  And now, after many, many years of service, it's time to retire the Porsche Cayenne concept art shirt.  I got it many years ago at Toronto's Canadian International Autoshow - a family friend had given me his voucher.  That's right ... Porsche required you to present a voucher for a cotton shirt.  So I wore it through university, and the past few years, at the gym.  It's begun collecting the strangest dark spots around the collar, and really, it's just time.  Also, portions of it are starting to sag.

It's a new week, time for some new energy.  Looking to submit my Berkeley Haas application either later today or early tomorrow.  Seems like a lot of stuff going on in the next few days - my mother's leaving for Shanghai, a tasting's coming up, someone's celebrating a birthday (!).  So let's get to it, my friends.  Hope everyone has a great week!


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