Friday, October 5, 2012

the sweet being the thing you take with you to bed...

2007 Chateau Soucherie Chaume
2007 Château Soucherie | AC Chaume | Coteaux du Layon

So when I poured this, I had no idea what it was, what Chaume was . . . I didn't even know it was a sweet wine.  Oops.  So I've been Googling after the fact, and found this winery profile off Chris Kissack, who has a thing for Loire wines.

Sweet wines are all too often rare dinner time companions.  Always seems like a special treat, but sweet wines are tricky to eat with food.  And really, sugar in wine is one of those things where balance is so, so important.  Sugar in wine is like making out with tongue . . . a little goes a long way.  Taste, texture, all those sensations that drive you mad.  Sweets are mostly left for the end of the meal, but that's boring now, is it.  And we're anything but boring people.  Sweet on sweet is actually tough, because one will always obliterate the other.  Sweet wines and cheese is always a winner - like the rest of life, there's lots of beauty in the bittersweet.  But in this wino's opinion, it's all about the sweet and savoury together.  That mix of flavours, that never makes sense on paper, but in practice, is a dream come true.

I can't remember the last time I was truly happy.  Sure you have the odd day when the sun is shining, the wine in your glass is a little out of the ordinary, and you feel at peace.  But it's been one endless shitstorm after the other, and although that's life, it still sucks when I feel like I can't even stop to catch my breath.  Thinking about this whole what do I want to do with my life thing over the past few months has given me a different perspective on things.  It's just about finding happiness, isn't it.  Whatever that means.  Happiness can't be begged for, can't be cajoled; can't be bargained, can't be negotiated.  It just is.  Just hope it comes before my time is up - morbid, but true.

This is a powerful wine.  Lots of honey and slightly dried fruit, green apples and all that.  Minerality and a distinct richness.  Follows on the palate, with lots of weight and extract on the palate.  Knocks you out - twice.  Extremely long, with the alcohol coming up.  These chenin blanc sweet wines are stunning, but at the moment, a bit one-dimensional.  Really needs some time for the alcohol and sweetness to integrate.  The acidity and extract are there.  It's just all too young.

Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.  Looking like another weekend alone at home, with applications and booze.  Don't know which I'm going to get to first.  Oh, and how exciting - an early morning appointment on Saturday with the doctor because I fucked my ankle and heel up again!  Good times.


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