Monday, December 31, 2012

As we wave goodbye to 2012

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A lot has happened in 12 months. A year ago, I said it was time to get to work. Well, I did. And while I'm still waiting to see if all the hard graft will bear any fruit, this whole business school application process has taught me a lot about myself, and focused what I want to be doing. From not really knowing what the plan was in January of this year, to plunging headfirst into GMAT prep - to proving that diligence and hard work pays off at the exam, to putting together a shortlist of schools to apply to. It's all been a long road - a year of nothing else but thinking about an MBA. On a personal level, a lot's changed too. When it rains, it fucking pours and at times, it's all been a bit of a mess. I like order and procedure, but then again, sometimes I like chaos too.

And so the work continues - no time to be letting up. The next few months may be a pivotal time that'll determine my next 40 years, as they say. So at this time, I remember and remain deeply indebted to my friends - my true friends - who always have my back, who always have my happiness and best interests in mind, and who always, always, speak the clear, unvarnished truth. Much love and appreciation. For the first time in what seems like years, I'm hopeful for the new year. And I'm looking forward to beginning my adventure. 

Happy new year.


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