Wednesday, December 12, 2012

you'd be surprised

2009 Domaine Rotier Les Gravels | AC Gaillac

We're talking about country wines because lately, it's all I've been in the mood for. Something pure, that touch of authenticity, and an absolute honesty. So once again, a bottle from an obscure region on the table. A wine of Gaillac, blended with two varieties found in southwest France (30% Duras, 45% Braucol) and 25% Syrah. It was a good wine - fresh and vibrant, with interesting aromas of herbs and stalks and minerals. But it was how it developed that showed why first impressions, in wine and life, sometimes don't stick.

We were having our first hotpot of the season, and while I usually reach for a white wine, I wanted a taste of this. First glass, showing very tight, dull even. Uninspired. So I poured it into a decanter and opened something else. About 5 hours in, had another glass and while a bit more fruit was starting to peak out, she was still shy. So I decanted back into the bottle, and stuck it in the fridge for the night. The next evening, we took another look at it - and finally, the wine started whispering back. With about 24 hours of air, it was much more expressive. Pure fruit aromas, that really bright freshness. But what was most interesting was how it changed on the palate - it became more structured, with wooly tannins and showing a certain sweetness too. Very interesting indeed - a wine to revisit in 10 years.

You never know. If you don't like how a wine is showing, be a bit patient. Stick in the fridge for the night and see how it turns out the next day. After all, it's the holidays - you should always have another bottle ready to go.


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