Friday, January 11, 2013

how to end a meal

2007 Offley Late Bottled Vintage Port | DOC Douro

Is there any better way to end a meal than with a few glasses of port? The sweet, that goes with the end of the meal. These LBV's are delicious - unique wines, combining that richness of fruit (and alcohol) with a concentration of acidity and tannin that makes it all come together spectacularly. What you want to be careful with is to not match it with overly sweet desserts. But really, for those with developed palates, it's all about drinking these wines with the savoury, with the cheese. That bittersweetness you see - simply divine. And yes, you can get all fussy with these wines, decanting and all that - but the key, as always, is with temperature. Chill the wines down, pour with a steady hand.

So now that the holidays are well and truly over, we all need to get back to business, back to routine. Yes, we all want to do nothing but eat, drink, and make merry, but it's good to get lean again, get hungry. I've been punishing myself at the gym all week - my first round of proper workouts in weeks. And it's been great. Lots of pain, but at least there has been no sign of the resolution-ers. Of course, my mind's caught in an ever-tightening stress vise - now that applications have all been sent out, it's time to just ... wait? Fuck. I feel useless when I'm not doing anything, especially when my future is going to be decided by an admissions committee.

I guess I'll have to keep myself occupied. Another glass of port, please.


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