Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Despite our occasional buffoonery, the boys and I often have serious conversations. Mostly on milestones and future goals about career - for some of us, engagements and marriage as well. Getting old(er) is a terrible thing, what with the added pressures, expectations, and responsibilities. But that's just life isn't it ... no complaints. We all have a fair shake at it, more or less. So with the new year, for the first time, I'm laying down some things I want to accomplish. My path is clear. As my friend said, sometimes it's more useful to write down goals checklist style, being specific and framing them as tasks. An approach that I'm going to have a go at. Yes, as in actually getting a list down in writing, something I've never done before. 

Twenty-seven hundred is a lot. A lot of rubbish, mostly, but occasionally something worth a read? You, dear reader, can be the judge of that. I've got optimism for this year - warmed up and ready to sub into the game, coach! Things are still very much in transition, and just waiting for all the pieces to fall into place, in school and other things. Over the course of 5+ years writing here, I've grown up a lot. My writing has certainly changed, but so has my palate. I have a much better understanding of the wines I like, and how to approach tasting and evaluating wine. And that's just from experience and a lot - a lot - of drinking. So for this year, what do I want to accomplish in wine? That same friend also encouraged me to think big about wine as a career. A significant part of my business school applications was on entrepreneurship, and my visions about the kind of wine business I want to run. Now, those ideas may all take years to develop, if at all, but yes, I need to dream big, and keep refining and building my ideas. 

Lots of work to be done. Who's with me :)


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