Wednesday, February 6, 2013

trim the fat, leave the giblets


So some people are put off by the idea of eating rabbit. Cute and all, but get over yourself - rabbits are just as bad as vermin. They reproduce like you wouldn't believe and can decimate a carefully tended vegetable garden in minutes. We should all be eating more rabbit ... lean and delicious, meant for the table and our stomachs. The key is to trim it carefully - all the fat, all the connective tissue, all the membranes holding it together that give it a musky, dirty flavour if not removed. Legs, fore and aft, along with the loins for gentle braising. Bones for making a soup. And my favourite parts, the liver, kidneys and heart, seared quickly in butter, so they remain slightly pink inside.

A funny thing happened as I was breaking this down. I had just sharpened my knife, so removing the legs was relatively straight-forward. You kind of just slice where the joints are, and once you find the right spot, the knife goes right through - no need to hack or try to break the bone. The whole prep seemed so soothing, so calming. And then I realized why. For those 30 minutes or so, I felt in complete control, a feeling I haven't felt in a long, long time. This is going to be an important week for me, with a private 1 on 1 with a certain business school, and a world MBA fair on Saturday - potentially a full day of interviews and meet/greets. So, things still very much up in the air for me. And I'm trying, hard, to control what I can.

I'll be scared later. Right now I'm too mad.
- Bugs Bunny, Lumber Jack-Rabbit (1953)


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