Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Italians

Left: 2008 Sampietrana 1952 Riserva | DOC Brindisi | Puglia
Right: 2011 Pelassa Bricco Enrichetta | DOC Langhe

You know sometimes I think wine is a free for all. Sometimes I feel that they make these blends out of necessity instead of any kind of need to express terroir. These wines show zero character from each of its parts ... I suppose the point is to go for something simple, easy to understand, all the things that upwardly-mobile yuppies go for.

The Sampietrana is a blend of negroamaro and montepulciano, but who cares, it's soft and fruity and pleasant. The Pelassa is a blend of equal parts barbera and nebbiolo, but expresses little personality of either. Both the same thing really - solid red wines that don't require much from the drinker.

It's been a long, tiring few days. No rest even on the weekend. Just so much stuff to do around the house, with the cleaning, laundry ... and not even getting to the application work. Yes, still hard at it, a few more schools on the list to apply to, a few more weeks of pain and suffering. I've been drinking pretty hard lately. It's getting to be a problem, even for me. But shit, who wants to live forever.


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