Wednesday, April 24, 2013

through amber-hued lenses

2009 Massandra White Muscat | South Coast | Ukraine

Winemaking in Ukraine began in the southern Crimea, and dates to the 4th century BC. The first modern winery was established during the rule of Catherine II. Massandra is the oldest winery in the country. Its vineyards go along the south coast of the Crimea, with the soils compromising mostly detritus loam. The winery was built under the czar's direction in the 1890's, and includes extensive cellars and tunnels large enough for over a million bottles of wine. It's collection today is one of the largest collections of old wines in the world, containing a sherry from 1775.

This bottle, the white muscat, is aged in oak casks for at least 2 years, and has been produced since 1940. High in alcohol, but remaining balanced - a pleasant, simple, and balanced wine showing mature, oxidative aromas and flavours.

I'm tired. I went back to my friend's place this past Sunday, where I'm housing all my wines. Much appreciation for taking care of my babies, as always. I looked around and saw a bunch of shit I should never have bought in the first place. Regrets all around. So what can you do but pull them out and start drinking. Lots of Niagara riesling, some (bad) chardonnays, some pinot noirs. Because it takes a few duds before we learn to love Barolo, Bandol, and Mosel.


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