Thursday, April 25, 2013

and spring, we're still waiting ...

NV Cave De Hoen Heimberger Brut Rosé | AC Crémant d'Alsace

It's been a cold year. We're all desperate for some sun and warmth here in Toronto. DESPERATE FOR SPRING!! 

I like this time of year. There's a cluster of trees outside my kitchen window, and every spring, it's wonderful to watch the leaves sprout and slowly bloom into a green canopy. I looked this morning and the branches are still bare. It's the end of April, and even for Canada, this is ridiculous. So we have to turn to other things for those springtime feelings. And one of them is rosé.

Cave de Hoen is a solid producer - it's one of the few crémants that are made with 100% pinot noir, but it can be a bit inconsistent from year to year. And without printing lot numbers, who knows what you're getting. I remember a bottle I had last year being wonderfully dry and steely, with lovely delicate berries. This particular bottle was the opposite. Candied, with the dosage sticking out like the juiced out tool (at the Goodlife I go to) who struts around after every set. At what point does jacked and ripped become thickset and breast-y? Yes, in wine and in life, we appreciate power and strength, but there's also something to be said about definition and shape. 

Big weekend coming up for me - I turn 27 in a few days. There'll probably be time after for reflection and all that, but for now, all I'm concerned with is what I'm going to cook, and what bottles to drink. After a few years of frugality (especially last year's), I'm ready to do it big, because for the first time in a motherfucking long time, I've got something to celebrate. 

Here's to spring!


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