Sunday, April 28, 2013

DF turns 27

Twenty seven years ago today, I was but a gleam in my mother's eye. And look at me now. Did we know that after all the years of school and tutors, hours spent in front of the piano and in art class, the end result would be this? That despite (or in spite) of all the mentoring in finance and accounting, I'd want to devote my life to wine? What a fucking idiot I am. That smile that just says there is no plan in place.

It's all come full circle. As a high schooler, you want to go out for birthdays, go out all the time to prove that you're a grown-up. And now that I've been out of university longer than I've been in it, all we want is to live a BFB (Bang for Buck) lifestyle. And all I wanted for my birthday was to eat my mother's cooking at home, with the friends that mean the most to me. Yes, it's not particularly exciting, but we get to relax and drink a lot of wine. Not having to deal with the logistics of going out means that the 8 hours or so we have with each other are entirely devoted to talking, eating, and laughing. Good times, and the thing I'm going to miss the most when I leave for school.

We had a long dinner last night - no surprise, but what made it epic was the wines I wanted to drink. We focused on one Niagara producer - Thirty Bench - and one varietal - riesling. A horizontal of both their estate blend, and 3 single vineyard bottlings, across the 2008 and 2007 vintages, and one 2005 as well. A very interesting, enlightening tasting - full tasting notes to follow. Of course, we moved onto martinis and Old Fashioneds afterwards. Memory a little blurry after that. My mother cooked all the foods I love, from pig's trotters to her soy chicken to steamed fish. Lots of sashimi and uni on the table as well, and greens to balance it all out.

A wonderful evening, satisfying and filling the appetite, and heart. Many thanks and much appreciation to the loved ones in my life. 


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