Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soave and pizza

2011 Monte Tondo | DOC Soave Classico

We made pizza at home a few weeks ago. It was good - we got stuff from a fancy grocery store (i.e. we didn't cook so much as assemble). Simple, with mushrooms and prosciutto, lots of cheese and basil. And with it, a bottle of Soave. Clean, fresh, and balanced. A simple wine for a simple meal.

I'm tired. And a little anxious. Been anxious for quite a while now. It hardly seems like it's been more than a year since I first started thinking about business school, but looking at the calendar the other day, I was shocked to realize that this time last year, I was about 5 weeks away from taking my GMAT and freaking the fk out. But I survived that, and all that followed during the summer and fall. I've been working on applications for a solid 8 months now. And the process is still ongoing. But I think the next 2 months will be big for me, when the table gets set and wine poured, figuratively speaking.

My mind's a bit of a mess right now ... all almost overwhelming. Almost. So I have to remind myself that all this work, this pain and suffering will be worth it in the end. Because I just want to be happy. Not asking for much. Just happiness, like Soave and pizza.


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