Tuesday, April 23, 2013

that may or may not fall into place

Inevitability. The things that should happen ... that are destined to happen.

I've been wary of simply expecting things, whether it's due to insecurity, lack of confidence, or whatever ... immigrants have a cynical way of staying far, far away from things that seem even remotely too good to be true. I got an email this morning from one of the schools I applied to. One of the most important emails I've ever received. With one part of the application process over, it will soon be time to make a decision. THE Decision. And I still can't shake this feeling that damn, the path is still littered with obstacles, and I've yet to find my yellow brick road.  More questions than answers, and all I want to accomplish (for this week at least) is some clarity as to my next move.

I'm not accomplished, or arrogant enough to simply assume that things will fall into place, that it's all destiny that I get into business school, that I figure out where my tuition funding will come from. No. So I try not to get ahead of myself, and plan as the need arises - putting out the stemware, bottles on ice, all with the understanding that we take things as they come, and make do with what we have.


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