Monday, April 29, 2013

waiting for spring showers and sunshine

1999 Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Riesling Spätlese | QmP Piesporter Goldtröpfchen | Mosel

It's been nice to stay at home, get some stuff done. Weather's not really co-operating (it's been drizzling nonstop), but at least it's getting warmer. When you live in Canada, you learn to savour the little things. I love spring, that smell in the air that's full of fragrance and promises of good things coming up. Maybe that rings truer for me this year than any other time in recent memory. It's been a bit frightening, but I've been out of university for 5 years. Man, we thought we were the shit back then, at the age of 22. Reality has a way of taking you down a few notches. So we try to stay motivated, stay hungry. My applications for business school are still unfinished - waiting to interview with one more school, but I expect The Decision to come soon. 

True winos are seasonal drinkers, and as spring ushers in all kinds of new produce, so should the wines that show up on the dinner table. Fresh, vibrant wines, that mirror the energy happening outside. Riesling? Shit, riesling is good year round, but in this wino's opinion, especially delicious this time of year. And these mature ones with a decade or so of age ... close to paradise. Balanced yet showing developed aromas of apple and honey, all underlined with minerality and vibrant acidity. Slightly drying out, almost a touch of oxidation, but drinking beautifully now, and close to its peak. This producer's wines are always quite rich, and certainly very ripe, but what carries it is its dry extract on the palate which gives it texture and weight.

I'm savouring this slow crawl to spring, as I do believe it's going to be my last one in Toronto for a while. No rush at the moment - simply content to enjoy everything as it comes. 


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