Monday, April 8, 2013

what with dinner

It's been a shitstorm these past few weeks. But no complaints. Never any complaints. 

I'm headed to New York later this week, to interview with some schools. Very excited for it - as someone told me, it's not about omfg, what are they gonna ask me? but rather, I'm so fking excited to show them what I'm about! Right on. Ready to get at it.

Yesterday, I ran outdoors in the ravine across my house for the first time this year. Spring is really here! Huffed and puffed, but made the run in decent shape. Wore (running) tights for the first time too - legit. It's been a busy weekend. Went with the boys to Niagara on Friday, staying overnight to party and participate in all kinds of debauchery. Not really. We're all good Chinese boys ... what kind of trouble could we possibly get into?! Stopped by Fielding Estate Winery on Saturday morning, on our way back to Toronto. Quite an extensive tasting, which I'll write about later, in detail. Lots of good stuff tasted.

Serving what's supposed to be the right food/wine pairing seems to be what a lot of people are obsessing about these days. It's that whole look how tasteful I am, pats self on back attitude that's so pervasive now - the people who refer to cabernet sauvignon as 'cab' and throw the term 'foodie' around freely. Not the people I want to be spending time with. I'm a throwback, but I can't be the only one who feels that appreciation of cuisine and wine culture involves respecting it.

A Chinese meal is full of surprises - a tableful of dishes that can have dozens of different flavours and textures, ping-ponging between sweet to savoury to spicy. So to decide to fit each dish with his or her own wine is absolute folly. No, what we're going for is versatility, and most importantly when we have guests over, variety. Beer, some kind of simple lager or pilsner, remains the beverage that you can always rely on to go well with everything. The Japanese are still learning how to cook - raw fish isn't exactly cooking - but they've got the right idea about Sapporo/Asahi/Suntory/Kirin/Orion. When looked at critically, all those beers are shit. But on the table, with great food, they serve their purpose beautifully. Because they understand that either of the one - the food or the beer - one always has to serve the other. They cannot be of equal prominence, because you don't want a fucking battle happening on the table. You want a hot, passionate, pleasurable, tangled, mind-blowing union. Shit, we still talking about dinner? You want an orgy on the table, between what you're eating and drinking. Keep the domination/bondage kink out of it. 

So the question is, which (or who) goes on top? The food, or the drink? As much as I'm a wine/cocktail/alcohol guy - it's always about the food. When people rhapsodize about cars, they say You can't drive your house, but you can live in your car. Well, fuck that logic. Because show me a person that can survive off booze. 

One top of the other. As was meant to be. As we all were meant to be.


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