Wednesday, June 12, 2013

cheering me up

2007 Flat Rock Cellars Chardonnay | VQA Twenty Mile Bench | Niagara
2007 Malivoire Chardonnay | VQA Niagara Escarpment | Niagara

My friends are true to my heart - a simple dinner and get-together, but it meant so much more to me. When you come off a break-up, no matter the circumstances, you just want to be cocooned in love and be surrounded by your friends. I can't say enough about what my buddies have meant to me. I bitch and moan like a fucking 15 year old girl, but you guys know where my heart's at.

We gathered for dinner, a huge 2-bone rib roast waiting for us. You slice it into two steaks, and remove the bone to cook separately. A dream, tender and beef-y, with all the fat marbling you could hope for in Canadian beef. And what do we drink with it? No red wine. Fuck that. I wanted to drink my chardonnays. I had pulled a pair of 2007's from my cellar, wines I've been holding onto for nearly 5 years. Both from Niagara, so all bets are off - no idea what to expect. And besides, I had a shitload of gin and rum at the ready, in case things went south.

The Flat Rock, good varietal wine, lean and not much in terms of depth, but a good, dependable wine. The Malivoire was the surprise. I recall the last bottle I had of this wine ... borderline undrinkable, and I never find alcohol undrinkable. Age has definitely given it a harmony and a maturity that was completely unexpected. The oak is an integrated part of the wine instead of a fucking sideshow, and there's even a mineral element underlining everything. Palate all shows as proper. Good.

You never know, do you. You try to picture how things work out in your head, and then reality pries your ass open and does the dirty. You do the best you can with what you have. That's my philosophy, my guiding light. I try to keep my head up, eyes open - but I do have bad eyesight. 


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