Wednesday, June 5, 2013

falling short of expectations

2007 Pier Vila Riserva | DOCG Barbaresco 

It's important to have expectations. They're different than prejudices - expectations in wine are objective because they're based on experience, both your own and of established wine authorities. So it's absolutely fair when you buy a wine to expect certain things consistent with the label, vintage, varietal, region, price ...

And Barbaresco certainly carries certain expectations. I suppose I could go on and bash it, take a deuce on its head. But I know the feeling, and it isn't pleasant. So I'll just say that the Pier Vila tastes like red wine ... no more, no less.

I have the entire week off, and so far, it's been eventful. Much better than my last week off from work last month. Monday night, watching game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with the group. Learned what a 'schooner' of beer is: mini pitchers, holding just under 2 pints each. After downing nearly 3 of them, well, you can imagine the carnage Tuesday morning. Stumbled downtown to go to Tap Phong Trading Company again in Chinatown, to pick up a paring knife. Lunch at a dirty pho joint (aren't all the good ones?), before we got out and walked to Yorkville. I needed a suit - I literally can't button the pants on my d'Urban suit anymore. I really loved it too. Bought in 2008 in Tokyo, at a made to measure sale. Even has D. Fang sewn in the left interior jacket pocket. But I found a suit today that fits beautifully, and was on sale. Double win.

Niagara today! Meeting with Wes Lowrey of Five Rows Craft Wine and Francois Morissette of Pearl Morissette for the first time - very excited to learn and see what they're doing. And of course, ending the day at Lailey Vineyards with Derek Barnett. If anything can clear my head and drag my ass out of this slump, it's a day in wine country, amidst the dirt and vines, acid and tannin ...


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