Monday, June 17, 2013

revelling in mediocrity

2010 Michele Chiarlo Le Orme | DOCG Barbera d'Asti Superiore
2001 Balbas Reserva | DO Ribera Del Duero

We all think we're special, that everything we touch is gold ... that our shit don't stink. But really, we're not. As one of our family friends say, we're all mostly ordinary - and happy being in our ordinary-ness. How many of us know someone who's truly a world-class talent, a true visionary? I don't know any, despite what motherfuckers want to post on Facebook. Then again, I didn't go to private school. Am I capable of something extraordinary? Chances are no. But we do the best with what gifts we're given, and make a good life for ourselves the best we can.

The wines are mediocre. And I'm a bit drunk right now, so fuck tasting notes. There is no character reminiscent of Barbera, of Ribera. They're both red wines ... if you get what I mean. And so we move on. Money down the drain, I suppose, but you never know until you commit to it, innit.

There's nothing wrong with mediocrity, with being happy with what you have. But for those of use with natural ambition to go out and really push and take risks ... we're never happy, or try not to be happy. Never settling, never taking a break, never this is what my life is going to be for the next 40 years. Fuck that. And fuck me if I ever start thinking like that. I was raised better - I'd like to think that I'm a better breed than that. It's funny, when you look at these people in possession of these old, pedigree-filled regions that instead resort to just doing well enough. You can do better, if not only for the sake of being


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