Friday, June 7, 2013

the two pinot noirs

2008 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir | VQA Twenty Mile Bench | Niagara
2008 Hunter's (Jane Hunter) Pinot Noir | Marlborough | New Zealand

These two pinot noirs are a great example of that New World style that's all love, simply unconditional love. Clean varietal aromas and flavour, very pure, very middle of the road. Maybe that's a bad thing, to be too clean. But sometimes all you want is a wine to be a pleasant dinner companion. 

If this past month has taught me anything, it's that I'm a deeply, deeply emotional person. I always knew that, but my life's kind of boring - nothing's really brought out my inner diva. But yes, the end of a relationship brings out all the histrionics, all the emotive actions of an emotionally fragile, introverted, incredibly flawed individual. I apologize to my long-suffering friends who've had to deal with me these past few weeks, because I've been fucking insufferable. And that's when I'm sober. One of my buddies told me that initially, he always thought of LCF as being just wine talk. But lately it's been reading like the diary of a 15 year old girl. I protested, but deep down, I knew he was right. It's like the morning after a heavy night of drinking. You just have to let it all out to feel better.

What were we talking about. Right. New World pinot noir. It's so, so, so wrong to generalize about these wines, but at least these two bottles adhere to that non-offensive style of red wine. Clean, slightly stemmy fruit, not much in way of depth or texture, but otherwise a decent wine on the table. The Flat Rock 2008, a wine I've had many, many times, and actually really enjoyed. But read what I wrote. I cringe in embarrassment ... maybe, just maybe, I was a little too enthusiastic about it. Just a step in my wine education, and proof that the palate changes with experience. The wine has settled down, developing a more subtle, even-toned aroma. Red fruit still there - still some energy here. That tell-tale light red colour, pale almost. Texture is a bit more elegant, although I would never describe this wine as elegant. Simply a more calmer wine, compared to a few years ago. The Jane Hunter, a bit jammier, more overt ripe fruit aromas. Bigger, but only relatively - this is still a lean example of pinot noir. Good, juicy palate, some sweetness.

I want to get over this, to feel normal again. To go to Europe and to school this fall with a sense of optimism and excitement, to find that adventure I've been craving. Is that so bad? Is that so selfish?


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