Thursday, June 6, 2013

wrapped in its warm embrace

2007 Dr. Hermann Riesling Spätlese | QmP Urziger Würzgarten | Mosel
2005 August Kesseler Riesling Spätlese | QmP Rüdesheimer Bischofsberg | Rheingau

My head is spinning a bit. Tired, feeling lazy, raining outside. Spent a day in Niagara yesterday, meeting a lot of new people, tasting a lot of new wines. A great day, and felt very inspired again, but today comes the hangover. I guess I do better with routine, as much as I think of myself as a wild, hedonistic badass. All about balance right? Exhausted after tasting at 4 stops, and hours on the road, but did manage to make it back to Toronto in good time. Went out to an izakaya for a beer and some snacks for a bite, before finishing the last 1/3 of a bottle of vintage port I had in the fridge. It's all about moderation ... besides, I was spitting all day (that's what she said).

When I'm feeling down, when I feel like shit's stacked against me, a glass of a wine that hugs instead of growls at you is the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, no, alcohol isn't top of mind when I'm confronted with problems, but it does help. For my interview with a certain business school in Paris (got my acceptance letter today btw), I was asked to deliver an original presentation. So naturally, I presented my philosophy on wine appreciation; that is, our capacity to enjoy and appreciate wine on both a personal and intellectual level. We experience wine on a very cerebral level, and so of course our mood dictates what and how we drink. And when I'm in a foul temper, I want a wine that embraces and wraps me up in a cocoon of love.

German riesling. 'Nuff said? The Dr. Hermann, showing so open and expressive already for such a tight, structured vintage - all the charm of the Urziger Würzgarten vineyard. The August Kesseler, with ripe, petrol aromas emerging, with a most particular tropical fruit character on the palate (papaya?). Still a baby though, with a long life ahead.

Last day of my week off tomorrow. A lot of housekeeping to be done, and not altogether looking forward to it, but time to get to work. Can't be crying over her forever, right?


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