Tuesday, July 23, 2013

calm and composed

1995 Delaforce Corte Vintage Port | DOC Douro

Yesterday was a good day. I needed one of those. Relaxing all around, doing what I love - wandering around the city, stopping into random places for a coffee, for lunch, for a beer. Weather was perfect, and I had a great time. Need a few more days like that before I say adios to Toronto.

Port is all love, but we do have to move on and try other things. The Delaforce Corte - at this price point, you have to give it a taste. Rich, pure fruit, all that we love about these wines. I like them a lot. Ports are a throwback, when taking a drink in the afternoon was part of the routine, when we drank wine for what it was, instead of having to analyze everything. And I'm a throwback kind of guy.


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