Wednesday, July 10, 2013


These were notes I took in my first 'coaching' session I had with my then boss, back in October 2009. It was the first time we spoke about me going back to school, and what options I had. As you can see, a post-graduate degree wasn't the only thing discussed - professional designations as well.

I'm so depressed looking at this. This conversation happened nearly 4 years ago. Why did it take so fucking long for me to get my shit together, to go and do something?! Lots of self-loathing going on right now. Partly because this whole process did not go as I had planned for, none of that smooth, everything will fall into place kind of way. No, it's been one shitstorm after another, one case of oh great, David fucks up again! after another. And two days into my retirement/funemployment, things have been anything but. I expected to be able to finally relax a bit, maybe start studying some Spanish, work out and take afternoon naps ... but no. Applying for student visas is a real hard bitch.

Too much complaining going on. But why can't I just go to school and just study? Too much noise, too much of start looking for internships right away, start NETWORKING. I hate that word. I hate that there's so much peripheral stuff going on that seems to take away from the point of going to school. Maybe I'm just being a big baby.

So what to look forward to? Have a few wines left in the closet that I have to attend to soon. A few bottles of bourbon too. I tell you what though, now going through this whole thing - the thing I'm most excited about, the thing I'm craving the most? Being able to answer to no one but myself. And if it took 4 years to get there/here? Worth it.


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