Wednesday, July 17, 2013

curled up

I had really bad posture growing up. My mother always used to yell at me to straighten up and stop looking like a shrimp. Things are a bit better now. Nearly four and a half years after I joined the gym next to my office, I've learned to stand straighter, fill out my clothes better, and generally just feel better. Just finished my last workout before cancelling my membership yesterday - you know, all part of wrapping up my life here in Toronto. Thanks Goodlife, we did good.

A few weeks ago, I was craving seafood. Just that kind of craving where I just needed to wander around and see what looked good. And as always, Diana's Seafood came through for me in the clutch. Whelks, otherwise known as sea snails. With no hesitation, I picked up a few dozen. In my mind, I would figure out how to cook them later - I just knew at that moment, I needed to bring some home. And then it hit me. I would cook them like I cook tiny snails.

Whelks in black bean sauce

Live whelks
Green onion
Ginger root
Black bean sauce
Shaoxing cooking wine

Wash the whelks and poach them quickly in salt water for no more than 1 minute

Remove the whelks from their shells, and break off the curly tail end which holds the digestive tract

Slice the cleaned whelks into strips

Julienne the green onion and ginger root, and fry them off quickly in canola oil, on high heat

Add the whelks, and toss quickly

Pour a splash of Shaoxing cooking wine, and a few spoonfuls of black bean sauce

Cover on for 30-45 seconds on high heat

Check for seasoning, and plate


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