Friday, July 19, 2013

keeping things messy

Why do some producers still bottle under wax? Is it because of tradition? Or the image of tradition? There's certain pleasure in breaking a wax seal, the ritual. But it just gets so messy. So is being messy part of the appeal?
We like our lives to be clean. To both be clean, and to conduct ourselves 'cleanly'. But seldom does it ever go that way. We want to end things cleanly, want to begin the next stage of our lives cleanly, want to get through this next month cleanly ... but really, we're lying to ourselves. We have to take things as they come, and deal with them as best as we can, trying to be moral, responsible people. So let's keep things messy, because a clean life is a boring one. An exciting few days so far - two events already this week for #TeamLCF, with one more tonight at the #ICTorontoCentre's Azure Restaurant for their Summerlicious menu. Been taking my buddies with me - #TheRMBTeam - because who are you without your nearest and dearest?


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